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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  October 3, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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there was life in the sixth later on we will have some good news for sports. back to you guys. hanson not want to miss this game. >> live at the park. fans behind me, what they need and there is a rally hope is beginning to fade as we get further and further along in this game. this day, which started with so much hope, has not gone away -- conaway the way they had planned. >> and can happen to -- anything
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can happen. came back and wanted this afternoon. this game is not over yet. >> mr. zimmerman made a very excellent point, the orioles came back in the eighth inning, down three runs. we need similar magic in order to have a victory for these fans tonight and the washington nationals. abc 7 news. >> nats fans have a place to go to buy merchandise. a new national clubhouse stall opened. it features the same items in the store. as we track the nats journey
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robert burton will have more from today's game in just a few minutes. we invite you to watch the special on the nationals. at 7:00 friday night right here on abc seven. we want too rain but hear what is happening in the weather tonight. we understand perhaps so rain and cooler temperatures are underway. >> little bit later tonight we have the rain moving in. certainly looks to be the case unless the game goes into extra innings. temperatures 68 degrees. moving to the north and east, and head of a cold front. there is another line further to the west. we will have scattered showers at times this evening. every thing will quickly clear out tomorrow morning and we will
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have a nice october weekend. 70 degrees in annapolis as we head into the overnight hours. will pick up winds and the temperatures will fall. details just minutes away. >> a breaking news in the fighting against iso. the terrorist group has raised a video showing the beheading of a british worker. two of the previous victims were american journalists. the video ends with the him threatening to kill another american unless the united states stop the air in iraq and syria. two local hospitals are testing patients for the ebola virus. one is at shady grove adventist hoitsp in rockville and the second is in howard university in d.c.. that -- is here is
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here to tell us what we know about these cases. you should keep this information in perspective and closely monitor what is happening in our local area. as far as howard university hospital -- it is pre-much business as usual. here is what is happening inside the hospital. they say they had a patient who recently traveled to nigeria and ebola-likeck with symptoms, symptoms that could be associated with ebola. the hospital took the necessary precautions, they are monitoring the patient. we spoke with the department of health. they said we have no confirmed cases in the district of columbia right now. federal authorities are calling the case a potential case. sources tell us know when in the position of authority believes anyone has ebola and in fact the patient is improving.
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let's move over to rockville. they received a patient that they are telling us about. he was presented with flulike symptoms and a travel history that matches criteria for ebola. we are working with the department of health. they also say lab tests indicate that their patient has a another ebolas and a diagnosis of is not confirmed at that hospital. we have this confirmed case of the united's -- in the united states in dallas. now have patients coming in with flulike symptoms with a possible travel to africa. we have seen these two hospitals taking precautions. informing the public and doing the testing. on bothkeep you posted
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of these cases. i am jennifer donelan. back to you. >> thank you so much. are learning more tonight about to americans who have confirmed cases of the virus. liberias diagnosed in while working as a freelance cameramen for nbc news. he was flown back to the united states and received more treatment. and in other ebola patient, thomas eric -- while he was sick. officials are committed to ending this outbreak. outbreak over the past 40 years has been stopped. we know how to do this and we will do it again. >> health officials have sent additional troops to africa to help fight the virus. >> learn what a local neighborhood is doing in the search for vandals threw
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anti-hindu graffiti on signs and bridges.
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>> terry mcauliffe was unaware that his chief of staff raised the possibility of a job to the
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daughter of a state senator to keep him from quitting. today paul reagan apologized for his overzealous efforts. his decision to resign gave him control of this -- gave control of the senator republicans. added 248,000ers jobs last month. he increased dropped the unemployment rate to 5.9%. put pressureould on the reserve. >> dimmest raiders have called off talks with government leaders in hong kong. clashes injured nearly three dozen people. protesters say police refused to protect him from attacks by government supporters. demonstrators demanded the right to choose candidates for elected office. still to come, the weekend
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forecast. >> it looks like bryce harper in the nats or try to make a comeback against the giants. make -- ended the
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>> residents of a loudoun county community are in a urgent meeting. they are trying to end a string of acts of vandalism aimed at the hindi community. >> there has been a dramatic increase. stephen is following this case live in ashburn. atthey will all be meeting the corner in elementary school. a lot of people will be coming here looking for answers from these law enforcement officials. to find out who is responsible for this anti-hindu graffiti. hindus celebrate --
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>> the sign says no hindus. >> the graffiti appeared sporadically since july, popping up on community signs and bridges. between wednesday and thursday of this week, nine new incidents. >> when you see something like this it is pretty disappointing. graffiti is written in black marker. >> it is very sad. there's a line where there is no exceptions after so many years. >> the community has a large number of hindu residents.
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>> we like to think of ourselves as americans. >> an active investigation is underway to law enforcement officials are pulling members of this community in hopes they might be able to help bring this case to a conclusion. >> thank you. it appears a five cent fee on plastic bags in the district is bringing some good results. the d.c. department of the environment says group that clean up waterways in the city have reported a 60% reduction in plastic bags found in the streams and rivers. more than 50 million disposable bags are used every year. the fees bring in about $2 million and that money is used to bring test to clean up the river. >> severe storms cause damage
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across the southern united states late yesterday. dallas to cover as 90 mile-per-hour winds ripped the roof off of a dorm. tree fell onen a his home in arkansas. much the energy on the cold front has gone away. i'm pretty ripped. all the while trying to watch the nationals on tv. let's see what happens here. >> a live look at an hd weather camera. it is kind of like the leading edge of the rain. the timing has worked out pretty well here. a heavier shower just west of winchester. the motion of the atmosphere is
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lifting to the north. out pretty well. i don't think we will see any rain until after 7:00. closer to 7:30 in the metro area. more further to the west and further to the southwest. showers will stay in the forecast to the front. 70 to reagan international. 73 the national high. heavy cloud cover. the national average stood at 63 degrees. here it is converging ahead of a cold front. there are a few more showers just west of the mountains. dramatiche front has a drop. all indications rapid clearing tomorrow. futurecast shows the timing pretty well. by midmorning tomorrow we will be breaking out the sunshine.
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high pressure firmly in control throughout the day on sunday. temperatures are in the lower 60's. that is a pretty good looking one. a little bit of a warm up next week back into the 70's. midday on saturday with partly sunny skies and breezy conditions. 64 by the afternoon. 63, partly cloudy, easy at first pitch time in the afternoon. to warm it up monday and tuesday on next week. the next chance comes our way on tuesday.
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now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> the nationals offense is starting to flexed their muscles. >> the scores now 3-2. you have two guys to thank for that. haveatters later you cabrera with another solo shot of his own. there are still two innings left. by the end of this game we may have a different score for you. we will have updates later on for you. the o's took on the tigers. that is a three run saw -- three run shot right there.
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loaded. how about a double? it 726, orioles will hold on for the win over the tigers. how about royals and angels? this one is tied at two. mike with a solo shot to right. on for thiswould go one. tomorrow they had a big debut against indiana. great debut against the whose hoosiers.ainst the offensive lineman michael done. >> we are doing what we are supposed to be doing.
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we're still try to get that perfect game. a couple of games could be a perfect game. >> we have a great outcome. the nats can come back and win this one over the giants. you can catch the game on abc seven. have some goodll news by the end of this one. robert burton, abc seven. >> thank you very much.
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>> still no rain on nats park. >> let's check out live super doppler seven radar. there is the big green blob just west of the metro area. no yellow elements that could indicate some heavier showers. most of it is moving to the north but the whole mass is moving to the east. it will take its time. we get a 7:30 where few raindrops in the metro area p it if you patches of rain falling tonight as the cold front makes its way across the viewing area. by early in the morning it should all be out here. we should be in fine shape. the weekend forecast calls for really cloudy skies. it will be upper 60's tomorrow. sunday is gorgeous. a high of 62 to 64. saturday night to sunday morning, mid 30's in suburban areas. we have had inht
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a long time. if you check out the color temperatures in the 50's. some early fall cover appears. the next system to come our way is another front. of on tuesday it could bring a slight chance of showers in the lower 70's. temperatures still on the warm side in the mid 70's with partly cloudy skies we should be in pretty good shape. --orrow is game two for this for the deciding national game series. eileen whelan is in tonight. >> perfect. >> join us again at 11:00.
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welcome to "world news." tonight, breaking news. the ur gent threat to an american held captive by isis at this hour. just 26 years old. a medic. the american shown in a new video, what they're now warning, his family reacting moments ago. ebola in america. the hazmat teams on the scene a wrapping this car in plastic and tonight, at least 50 americans now being closely monitored. extreme weather. a dorm students seen scrambling for their laptop computers what's coming next. a grandma hit with taser. the police now explaining themselves and an american legend tonight. my interview with tony bennett, breaking a new record and what he's about to reveal to america, right now.


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